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What is proHops and what are our goals?
ProHops is an internet platform for direct hop marketing. As a producer you can offer your available hops for international sale. You determine the quantity and price. As a brewer you can choose from a variety of offers and get the hops directly from the producer. The proHops team takes care of  safe order and purchase processing as well as the delivery of the goods. Our goal is to build up a community in which brewers and producers are more closely connected with each other through the high-quality raw material hops. With the project proHops we aim to build bridges and pave the way for sustainable business relationships. Transparency and fair partnerships are particularly important to us.
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How does the platform work?  
How is proHops financed?
With our staggered commission system, the added value lies on the producer's side. At the same time it should also cover the running costs of our project. Therefore, we add a surcharge to the price set by the seller. We take care of the entire organisation in the background. Just to highlight a few points:
We constantly further develop the system, take care of maintenance and quality assurance. We take care of the entire sales process, invoicing, bookkeeping, organizing transport and preparing all shipping documents. We are the interface for all communication. We answer your questions, advise, mediate and look after you individually and personally. We create the connection between producer and brewer. We also develop solutions for long-term business relationships. We are building on transparency and fair partnership!
How can I become a member of proHops?
You have freely available hops that you would like to sell? Are you a brewer looking for interesting hop varieties? Then you are welcome at any time. Register by entering all necessary contact data in the registration form and selecting the function "Buy hops" or "Sell hops". You will then receive a welcome email with all important information on how to make your start as easy as possible.
We carefully check every new registration because we attach great importance to an honest and fair market environment. If you decide to sell your hops via proHops, we will contact you personally to welcome you as a new partner, to learn more about your hops and to be able to personally look after you in the future.
What does membership cost?
Registration is free of charge for buyers. As a seller you pay a one-time account setup fee of currently 50 € plus VAT.
What advantages does a membership have for me as a buyer?
You have a clear customer account in which all orders, invoices and credit notes are stored. You don't have to re-enter your data when you place a new order. You can use all functions of the platform, e.g. hop-ticker and newsletter, download documents.
Can I buy without registration?
You can also shop as a guest, but you will have to re-enter your data every time you place an order. You cannot use any other functions of the platform, e.g. hop-ticker and newsletter, download dokuments.
How do I register with proHops?
You can log in to proHops at any time with your e-mail address and your personal password. You set the password when registering. If you have forgotten your password, follow the link "Forgot password?" in the login dialog box.
What can the customer account do?
Here you can manage your personal data, change your password, view or download your orders, invoices and credit notes. If necessary, you can view and download documents about hops, configure hop-ticker,  subscribe/deactivate newsletter and, as a seller, create and manage additional offers.
How can I find a a special hop variety?
You will find the search field for hop varieties at the top of the home page. Enter the name of the hop variety you are looking for. If there are no matches with your inquiry, there is no offer available for this variety at the moment. You can activate the hop ticker and you will automatically be notified by e-mail (maximum once per day) as soon as there is an offer for the desired variety(s). Alternatively, you can use the function "All offers" in the categories or use the filter functions for the extended search function.  
What is the hop-ticker
You need a special hop variety, but don't have enough time to check our new offers every day? No problem at all! With our proHops hop ticker you can select all the varieties you are interested in. As soon as an offer is available for one or more of these varieties, you will be informed conveniently by e-mail (maximum once per day). You can deactivate the hop-ticker at any time. You can only use this function as a registered member.
Why do some providers appear anonymous?
We take data protection of our customers and partners very seriously. For this reason, some sellers are displayed anonymously on the platform. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.
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Why are some prices so low?
Because the hops comes directly from the producer. The producer sets the prices.
Why are some prices so high?
We have no influence on that. The prices are set by the seller.
Why are there minimum quantities for some offers?
Since we want to convey the best quality, proHops only offers primary packaging. The processed hops is vacuum packed in films by the processing plant. The film sizes range from 2 to 20 kg capacity. In addition, we leave it to the seller to determine a minimum order quantity for his offer.
How ca I buy at proHops?
It's as simple as any other online store:
  • Select number of desired sales units
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Add more hops to shopping cart (also from other growers)
  • Go to checkout
  • check information in the purchase order
  • Add delivery address (if different from invoice address)
  • Shipping costs are displayed automatically
  • Select the desired payment method
  • Receive confirmation and invoice by email
Which payment methods are accepted?
You can find all the information you need at
Payment and shipping
How is the hops shipped?
proHops pays attention to efficient logistics. After payment has been made, the goods will be picked up directly from the supplier in Germany and sent to your delivery address. Important: proHops currently sends hops exclusively from Germany to delivery addresses within Europe! Self-collection is not possible. Further information can be found at
Payment and shipping
What address is the hops sent to?
By default, to the address you provided during registration. Via "my account" - "edit address book" you have the possibility to enter a separate delivery address.
Who can sell hops?
Every registered seller who has been verified by proHops can offer his currently and freely available hop quantities for sale at proHops.
How can i create offers?
First you have to register a seller account with us. After a subsequent verification by us you can go to "my account" and click on "my offers". Here you can create a new offer. Input fields are provided, which make it easy for you to describe your hops as exactly as possible. Any additional information about quality characteristics is a selling point!
and this is how it works:  
How can I offer a hop variety that is not yet listed at proHops?
You would like to create a new offer and cannot find the name of the hop variety in the category list. Then please contact us - we will create a new category for you after checking.
Can I also sell raw hops?
We will be happy to help you to sell your unprocessed hops "manually" to brewers - please contact us. The platform is intended only for processed and storage-stable products. The dispatch of hops in processed form is the most efficient and guarantees the best quality. Contacts to processing plants, with which our partners have had good experiences so far, are gladly passed on within the community.
Where can I have hops processed?
We are happy to pass on contacts to processing plants with which our partners have had good experiences so far within the community.
Who sets the prices?
The prices are set by the seller – not by us. The staggered prices always arise because we adjust our low service surcharge for larger quantities. The added value should lie as much as possible with the buyer and seller.
How are the prices composed?
The seller determines the price for his hops in his offer. This offer price is slightly increased by a quantity-dependent proHops surcharge and displayed as the selling price in the offer window on the platform. The buyer pays the displayed sales price plus VAT (within Germany) and shipping costs.
When do I see my offer at the platform?
Every new or changed offer appears on the platform only after careful examination and approval by proHops.
Do I have to check my offer after it has been activated?
You should absolutely check all information in a new offer for correctness before you send it. Furthermore, also check whether all data is represented as you have entered them after your offer has been released by proHops. In case an error has crept in, please contact us. You can change or correct an offer yourself at any time.
Can I correct an error in the offer?
Please check all details in your offer carefully before sending it. Should you still have made a typo, please contact us immediately by telephone. You can only change an offer yourself once it has been checked and approved by us.
Can I delete an offer?
If you remove quantities and prices from your offer, it will no longer be visible on the platform. However, it remains in your account so that you can reactivate the offer at any time.
How long is an offer valid?
As long as an offer is visible on the platform, it must also be available for purchase. We therefore strongly recommend that you update your offers on a regular basis.
How can I see the current number of hits of my offer?
We are currently working on the possibility of making the access figures visible to our sellers as well.
What do I do with the accompanying documents?
Analysis values and accompanying documents can provide the brewer with important information for the creative use of hops. Send us all accompanying documents by email so that we can enter them into the system and automatically make them available to the buyer as a download. On the other hand, please place the specified documents in the ordered packages.
Where is the hops stored?
Not everyone has their own cold store. The processed hops should be stored in such a way that there is no loss of quality - as cool as possible and, above all, in such a way that they are ready for immediate retrieval at any time if a buyer shows interest. In case you do not have your own storage facilities, we will be happy to find a good solution for you in a personal meeting.
How can I find out wether my hops have been bought?
We will inform you by e-mail about the variety and quantity sold, tell you the pick-up date and send you delivery notes and parcel stickers. Therefore, you must check your emails regularly when you sell with us.
What do I do if I want to sell the offered hops elsewhere?
Keep your offers up to date. As long as your hops is offered on the platform, it must be available! We would like to save you additional costs. In case that hops is bought which is no longer available, we will pass on all costs incurred for the costly reversal to the originator.
Who takes care of the shipping?
The proHops team takes care of the logistics. You will be informed about the entire shipping process in time and without gaps. We work together with service managers who transport the hops quickly and safely from the grower directly to the brewer.
Important: proHops currently ships hops exclusively from Germany to delivery addresses worldwide!
Self-collection is not possible. You can find more information at:
Payment and shipping
What do I do if the hops is in the warehouse and I have got an order information?
Make sure that the quantity sold is available at the pick-up address at the time indicated. If your storage space is not accessible, e.g. due to holidays or company holidays, it is better to take precautions and bring an appropriate quantity home to a cool storage space.
Important: check your goods before shipping!
How should the hops be packed?
The seller is responsible for safe packaging. Get cartons and packaging material in time so that the buyer receives your hops without any loss of quality. Original packaging from the processing plant must not be damaged! We will send you the delivery note and package sticker by e-mail.
Do I have to enclose a copy of the accompanying documents with the hop package?
It is best to send us the accompanying documents by e-mail so that we can make this important information available to the buyer as a download in the order. We recommend that you also enclose a copy to your delivery. However, we want to take care of this process digitally.
What do I do with the delivery note and package sticker?
You print both. You attach the parcel sticker on the outside of the parcel so that it is clearly visible. Fix it well so that it cannot peel off!
Put the delivery note in the package with the goods. If you use special delivery note pockets, you can also attach the delivery note on the outside of the parcel. It is important that the delivery note arrives with the goods at the buyer.
Where is the hop package picked up?
At the address that you have entered in your account as the standard address. Under "my account" - "Edit address book" you have the option of entering a separate collection address (warehouse address). The goods must be ready to be handed over at the given address on the specified pick-up day.
How do I receive my money after the sale?
As soon as the hops has been delivered, you will receive a credit note from us and proHops will transfer the indicated amount to your account. You don't have to send us an invoice! You can view your turnover in your account at any time.
What is the purpose of the newsletter function?
With the newsletter you will receive current information about the hop community, harvest stands and interesting events. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time.