Payment & Shipping

Payment Options
The following payment methods are available in our shop:
  • Paypal PLUS
  • prepayment on account
  • SEPA direct debit
If no payment is made within 5 working days, proHops reserves the right to refuse the order. A redemption fee may be charged for this.
As soon as we can record your payment, we ship your goods within 3 working days.
If you have questions you will find our contact details in the imprint.
Incidentally, we refer to our terms and conditions.
proHops sends hops exclusively from Germany to delivery addresses worldwide. Pickup is not possible.
As soon as we can record your payment, we ship your goods within 3 working days. Only after receipt of payment, the transport is instructed.
The goods will be picked up by a commissioned service provider directly from the supplier in Germany and sent to your delivery address worldwide.
If we can not meet the delivery deadlines for reasons for which we are not responsible (unavailability of the service), we will inform the buyer without delay and at the same time notify the expected new delivery deadline. If the service is not available within the new delivery period, we are entitled to withdraw from the contract in whole or in part; we will reimburse immediately any consideration already provided by the buyer.
The shipping costs are incl. VAT and are shown on the invoice.
Note that no delivery is made on Sundays and public holidays.
Weekdays = Monday to Friday, no holidays
Shipping is safe and fast with our shipping partner DHL.
You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number by email.

Delivery time
The delivery time is usually 2-14 days.
The deadline for delivery begins with payment in advance on the day after the payment order is sent to the referring bank or other payment methods the day after conclusion of the contract and ends with the expiration of the last day of the deadline. If the last day of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a general public holiday recognized at the place of delivery, the next working day shall be replaced by such day.
Please check the parcels for damage after receiving the goods and immediately notify them in writing to the deliverer. Unfortunately, we can not take into account damages in transit that were not immediately communicated to the deliverer.
Please also inform us via email to - we will then contact you immediately.
PAYMENT & SHIPPING - for our sellers / hop-farmers

If a customer has ordered from us for a fee, he will receive from proHops an invoice for the entire shopping cart. As soon as we can register a receipt of the customer a dispatch of the goods takes place. Shipping must be done within 3 working days. You will receive an info together with delivery note and shipping label about the ordered quantity. Please enclose the delivery note of the goods and stick the shipping label on the well-packed goods and report your readiness for shipment to us.
The goods will be picked up by a service provider appointed by us directly at your premises and shipped to the customer.
How should I pack?
You will recive your delievery note from us. please pack the goods exactly according to its specifications. Changing the delivery note is not possible.

Shipping Guidelines DHL:

How big may a package be?
The following maximum dimensions apply:
Max. length:                      120cm
Max. width:                        60cm
Max. height:                       60cm
Max. girth measurement:   360cm
Calculation max. harness: 2x height + 2x width + 1x longest side

How much may a package weigh a maximum?
Your package may weigh a maximum of 31,5kg.
What do I have to keep in mind when packing?
When packaging, pay attention to the type of goods to be shipped, the weight and the load capacity. Important are outer packaging, inner padding, adhesive tape and parcel label.
In four steps for optimum packaging
The right package packaging depends on the type, size, weight and load capacity of your shipment.
In general, the heavier the goods to be transported, the more stable the packaging of the package must be.
Stable outer packaging
•       New carton of high-quality and water-resistant, at least two-walled cardboard protects your package best.
•       Adequately large cardboard boxes provide enough space for the goods to be shipped and the inner cushions.
•       Pay attention to corner, surface and edge protection when packaging the package.
•       Only use used cartons for insensitive goods.
Matching inner padding
•       Completely fill all cavities in the interior with padding material. Fix the goods immovably in the package.
•       Match upholstery material exactly to the goods to be shipped. For heavy and delicate goods we recommend custom-fit Styrofoam molded parts.
        Pack light goods in bubble wrap.
•       No direct contact between the goods and the outer packaging of the package.
Are packages insured with DHL?
Liability up to 500€ per package.

Payment of the value of the goods to our sellers
After the shipment has been completed, proHops GmbH will automatically pay the seller for the sold value of the goods within 14 days by the 15th or 30th of each month by bank transfer.