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Callista 6,6% alpha-acids DE - Hallertau 2021 Foil 3kg

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Country of Origin: Germany
Region: DE - Hallertau
Origin: Trading Stock
Lot/ Source: Hans
Alpha-Acid: 6,6%
Analytical Methode Apha-Acids: EBC 7.5
Crop Year: 2021
Style of Kiln: Indirectly fired kiln - multilayer
Kilning Temperature: No Information
Kilning Time: No Information
Product Type: Pellets T 45
Processing Plant: Hopfenveredlung St. Johann GmbH
Batch Number (VA #): VA21000016
Max. T while Processing: No Information
Apparent Weight: No Information
Storage: Freezer under 4°C
Beta-Acid: 9,9%
Analytical Methode Beta-Acid: EBC 7.7 (HPLC)
Total Oils: 1,4ml/100g
Iso-Alpha-Acid: No Information
Analytical Methode Iso-Alpha-Acid: No Information
Cohumolone: 17% of alpha acids
Myrcene: No Information
Humulene: No Information
Caryophyllene: No Information
Farnesen: No Information
Linalool: No Information
Total Polyphenols: No Information
Xanthohumol: No Information
Water Content: 7,8%
HSI - Hop Storage Index: 0,2
Institute of Analysis: Hopfenveredlung St. Johann
Date of Analysis: 29/10/2021
Sales License: No license required
Available Documents: Hops Origin Statute - on request , Certification Of Equivalence - on request
Export Possibility: USA , Australia

Manufacturer: UniqueHops
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Updated: 30/03/2022